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Black Label Kava 'Noble Borogu'

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Black Label Kava is the new drink for social gatherings and home relaxation. 

Kava has traditionally been consumed by Pacific nations for over 3000 years.

Australians can now purchase kava for home and enjoy it themselves like any other food or drink.

Kava is an all natural plant based drink that can be prepared in minutes anytime.

Choosing Quality

Borogu Kava is one of the world's finest. It is enjoyed in Vanuatu and  throughout the world. (and now in Australia also!)

Black Label Borogu is made using only the most concentrated part of the Borogu kava plant. It meets the strict Australian requirements for drinking Kava.

Best Ingredients

Choosing a noble variety is your key to happiness. Not all kava drinks are made equally and Black Label Kava ticks all the right boxes for a quality experience.

The fine lateral roots contain the highest levels of kavalactones. We leave the bad parts out so you can have the best. 

The roots are ground for your convenience then packaged ready to use. That's all there is to it.

By using only the most prized roots from an excellent variety you are assured a product high in kavalactone goodness. This product is 100% waka lateral roots.

Serving Size

The amount of Kava powder required to make a drink will vary from person to person.

Some recommend 2.5 grams per serve while seasoned drinkers are more likely to use 10 grams or more per drink

You can also vary the concentration of the drink to taste. While 2.5 grams of powder in 200ml of water would be considered quite weak, 10 grams in 100ml of water would be quite strong.


Use the traditional method by placing the kava into a strainer bag then kneading for up to 15 minutes in a bowl containing the water.

Kneading the kava in the bag releases the kavalactones into the water for your enjoyment. Our strainer bags have an ideal mesh size for preparation. The remaining liquid should also be squeezed from the kava pulp into the container.

Alternately you might blend kava powder and water on medium for 10-15 minutes then strain through a kava strainer bag for a similar result.

There are many youtube videos available where you can watch others prepare their kava)

Serving Suggestion

Consume on an empty stomach 3-4 hours after your last meal. Consume servings with intervals of at least 15-20 minutes apart until satisfied. Drink it quickly as it has a strong taste. Try fruit afterward to clear the palate.